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How to Host a Successful Auction with Inspirato for Good


Cortni Dietz

How to Host a Successful Auction with Inspirato for Good

When partnering with Inspirato for Good, your nonprofit fundraising will be in good hands—and we’re thrilled to help you earn money for an incredible cause. 

Below, you’ll find a few of our recommendations for best practices and strategies that we’ve learned from partnering with hundreds of nonprofit events across the country, raising millions of dollars and ensuring that your event is just as successful.


Pre-event road map

Fill your pre-event marketing and socials with travel teasers and education about Inspirato leading up to the event. Your donors will have researched and explored the packages, allowing them the chance to walk in with more of an intent to buy.


Prepare your donors

Contact a handful of premiere donors prior to the event to gauge their knowledge and interest in Inspirato packages—you may even get commitment from those eager to participate at your event to generate some excitement in the room.


Connect the auctioneer with Inspirato

Briefly introduce your auctioneer to your Inspirato for Good representative. Your rep will provide strategic positioning and a detailed script to quickly and efficiently amplify fundraising, protecting the majority of the time for your miracle work.


Live auction positioning

At the end of your live programming, sweep the room as your final call to action. Select one modest travel package and invite everyone who has been unable to contribute to “count themselves in.”  By raising their hand or paddle, they’ll purchase a travel package while supporting your cause. These packages are unlimited and designed for you to sell multiples, dramatically increasing your net profit. [insert link to case study] You can also play a video introducing Inspirato to give more context.


Silent auction positioning

Thanks to our no-risk model, you can offer Inspirato packages at your silent auction as well. Mention the rich variety of vacations, from golf getaways to girls’ weekends and couples escapes, and be sure your price is set above the reserve.

Beforehand, include a mention of the silent auction in your live programming. Schedule reminders throughout the night via your mobile bidding platform to tease the silent packages and announce a countdown to the closing. You can also offer proxy bids on the Inspirato packages prior to the event, allowing those unable to attend the event an opportunity to donate.


Tap into the Inspirato network

If there is an Inspirato member present or auctioneer who’s traveled with Inspirato, invite them to share a personal testimonial. This can also be incorporated in your pre-event promotion.


After the event

If attendees are just learning about Inspirato at your event, they may want some time to educate themselves on their purchase. Create a follow-up event for the next day or week to answer any questions they may have, and allow donors to know they can still purchase a vacation package up to a select date.


Interested in offering Inspirato for Good vacation packages at your next event? Fill out this form to learn more about how partnering with us can take your fundraising to the next level.

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